Wine Seminars

At the center of the "wine country" in the Galilee and the Golan we open a gateway to the magical world of wine and invite you to dive to a place that is full of taste, culture, pleasure and interest.


The wine bar creates a fascinating experiential encounter with the wine world with special boutique wines, guided tasting workshops, meetings with the people behind the growing wine industry in the region, trips to vineyards and wineries scattered around the wine country.


The wine workshops are held in groups of 10 to 25 people and deal with a variety of topics and levels of knowledge. The workshops include tasting of the best wineries and varieties in the Galilee and the Golan, with special dishes from the kitchen of Chef Shiri Friedman.


The precise connection between the wine and the food creates a unique and fascinating experience.

The workshops are usually arranged according to the participants' characteristics according to the definitions of the level of knowledge, the quality of the wine and the food, with each workshop standing on its own or as part of a series of meetings.

 Possible workshops:

Meeting with the world of wine - basic definitions of introduction, varieties and classifications, principles of tasting.

From vine to glass - growth and troar characteristics, wine production processes, barrels and glasses, aging.

Wines of the "wine country" - historical overview, regional analysis and comparison of terroir, varieties and winemakers.

Special Wines - Sparkling wines, special varieties and mixes, dessert wines and fortified wines.

Wine estimation and sensory -depiction analysis, comparative descriptive and comparative vocabulary.

Wine Ethics - Traditions, Labels, Purchase and Storage, Serving, Tools and Accessories.


The cost of the workshop depends on the quality of the wine served, starting from NIS 150 per person with good and interesting Israeli wines to 200 NIS with expensive, old and rare wines.

The cost of the meal during the workshop depends on the quality and selection of the dishes served, starting from 100 NIS per person at a unique tapas dinner and up to 200 NIS at a prestigious gala dinner.


For further Information, all you have to do is contact us every day
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Wine Seminars

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